Bishop Stuart University Meetup

Tomorrow 1st-March-2020, we shall have a meet up at Bishop Stuart University, introducing aeternity Blockchain to students, how to gain more blockchain experience by learning from the online courses on

Will share the feedback and photos on this thread.


We successfully held our meet up at BSU (Bishop Stuart University) Mbarara
and discussed blockchain trends, æternity blockchain, dacade educational platform Sophia smart contract programming language, Oracles, State Channels, æpps demoing base æpp and how to claims names using it
We discussed how blockchain technology can transform different sectors financial, educational, and other sectors.
we looked at why some people still find it hard to use cryptocurrencies and here are some of the key reasons.

  1. Exchanging Ugx to any other crypto is still not easy as it engages different steps when using an exchange, for example registering on an exchange, completing KYC
  2. High charges for example on Binance Ug, a fee of 90.000/= ($25) is charged on a deposit of 2.5M ugx and above, on converting this amount to any crypto, an additional fee of 50.000/= is charged
  3. Also liquidating cryptos to Ugx is also a long process with high fees.

We concluded with how we could solve most of these challenges, in July we shall have a setup of a crypto House in Mbarara and will mainly be used for the following purposes.
• Event space for educational courses and meetups
• Workspace/dev hub to create our own dedicated tools
• Pay remittance, liquidating crypto to fait