BLOCK.AFRICA: WhatsApp Æternity Training


Hey, fellow!

Following the support is rendering to put this great project and also link our project with yours I am please to submit this caption follow the just concluded training and the training still continue which will evolve to webinar, one-on-one trainings and Meetup later as we proceed.

These are the tips… There are over 115 users in attendance…

Your sincerely
Engr. Samest


Hi @samest, thanks for your effort! Please be sure that you don’t engage in financial speculation if you want to become an æmbassador… We focus on the technical development of tools on the æternity blockchain and not so much on the token value or where you can trade it :point_up:

If you want to sign up as an æmbassador please fill out this form;


Thank you for this opportunity. I will stay put on the information released… I ask some questions from @ae-vlad and this questions are yet to be answered on my introduction post I released yesterday.
@erik93 here are the questions:

  1. Can we create our own tokens on Aeternity.
  2. If yes how much does it cost (fees) to create
  3. Is there a limit to how many tokens we can create if the first question is Yes
  4. Is there a transfer fee for users to transfer tokens to each other
  5. Is there the possibility for us to create accounts for our users using an API

Thank you in anticipation of your Swift response.