Block Reward Initiative(BRI) voting results in realtime


Block Reward Initiative(BRI) voting results in realtime(the mainnet part):


Super cool, great job! :slight_smile:


Thanks~a great fisrt step!:tada:


Thank you @Liu, you are always so quick and helpful :heartpulse:


hey, could you send me a link to the code to use? I’d like to review it and compare to the numbers we calculate to be more sure we both do it right :slight_smile:


Sure~ please check PM.


Vote Summary 05.10
Total Votes 236
Effective Votes 159
Tokens that voted 5747519.11
Weighted BRI rate: ~14.895423928719%
Range stats: 0 =>44.31 % | 1-5 =>14.26 % | 5-10 =>2.18 % | 10-15 =>3.46 % | >15 =>35.78 %

It is remarkable that a genesis account with 2M+ AE voted today!


Hey @Liu,

Can you please clarify to me what:

  • “green” means exactly in the chart? Why is “weighted” two times more than the actual amount of tokens?
  • what are “effective votes” exactly?



The green bar is the sum of (vote coins)*(vote option)/10, that is weighted. As the wiki:

There are many dupicated votes, the votes that are not in the expetced block time, the transaction without voting info, etc; they should not be counted.

So the “effective votes” are the votes which are used to calculate the results, the algo was synced with @piwo days ago.

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Thanks for your reminding, a short description was added in the page:

  • The red bar is the coins that voted in the range, and the green bar is the weighted result: (vote coins)*(vote option)/10, it was divided by 10 for better view…

How about it?


Hey @Liu

May I also suggest adding a date and time here:

Might be nice to see when the last vote was cast, without opening the th_

Just a suggestion.



Yes, this is why I added the date in every transaction. because it was not in the initial protocol!

And the guy behind the official middleware added it too!


Got it.

It will be done today.


And the details of voting was exported to .xlsx file, and was posted in the Telegram channel.


Hello @Liu, my scripts find about ~100k more stake that has voted. Are you sure that you consider the amount of ae at height 80541 as stake?


Yes, till block 80541.

There are 2 votes after 80629, and they were not counted.

All votes are listed, the balance is summed with the current balance now.


@Liu Check the vote #305. It shows that somebody votes 20% on this page but 0% on here


True, I don’t see where those “20” votes come from when the original payload says 0.




@ Kryztoval Don’t worry, the duplicated votes shows the last effective voting data, they are not counted as the result.

Thanks for the reminding, the view will be fixed right now.