Blockchain Bootcamp for AEternity

Blockchain fundamental course

Hi All we are doing an online blockchain fundamental course for some university student here in India.

Since its online I thought I can invite everyone from Ae community

22nd May - 24th May 2020
1900 to 2030 IST (every day)

This is intended to students and fresh graduate.

Complete Syllabus


@emmanueljet @Stephensunday.chain @jeremiah99 @Jabzrodgers.chain @Barineka @ashishchawla.chain @Yvonne @Shittuolumide @successoganiru.chain I think this could be interesting for your student communities


Sure @erik.chain, It’s a great idea sir.What my community has been waiting for while now.

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Hey @Vikram, this is awesome.


Interesting one surely inviting

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Welcome brother.

Thanks for verifying the syllabus .

I love this! Great work @Vikram. Since today is the first day of those: I wish you good luck and a stable internet connection :smiley:

Please share any feedback from the students. I think they could be a great source of valuable information.


Hi Dimitar,

For sure! Ill keep you posted the students are like really excited, They have been asking us to do this for last 3 months. So looks like in general the Indian students are quite aware about blockchain tech.

And want to learn more :smiley:

Thanks to AE Community for supporting us.

Thank you



Day 1


I’m very glad to see your post. Due to the language communication problems in different countries, could you please provide a text version and translate it into multiple languages?


Here is the playlist of those classes which we have been taking. Please share with someone who wants to learn Blockchain. This is very fundamental course specially designed for students. There is no pre-requsite to learn this course.


Day 3:

We learnt how to use AE network for some simple transaction


Day 4:

Today we learnt about Encryption and Digital Signature, Video will be updated in the channel mentioned above

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Hi Guys, Now watch all blockchain tutorial on AE-Lab itself. On successful login via Hypersign, you have to click on “Tutorials” tab to watch


Day 5:

Today we have exams of how much we studied so far, We are free to research online for answer. Because the idea of the Exam is to see if we understood the course so far.

Link to exam:

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Thank you for sharing your course. I’m really interested in this topic. Unfortunately, not all videos worked for me. Also, another question, do you plan to do more video lessons on this topic?


If you follow the videos on thr right hand side it has all the topics we shared with students.

For now we just have theses but in future we will do more

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As I said before, not all videos were available for me. Some of the just didn’t open for some reason. But, I’m interested in this topic, and it is something that you can learn at the university. Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are relevantly new on the market. It is hard to find a lot of info about it. I found only one website that writes about investments and cryptocurrencies. They have quite interesting articles, and the most important they explain everything, so people who are not good in finance, can understand it. The most interesting for me was Huawei stock. didn’t know a lot of things about this company, until I’ve read it.

Oh I wonder why though its public in you tube. But sure ill check and let you know.

Thanks for letting me know