Blockchain hard talk: defining the appropriate blockchain for a digital economy

I will he opportune to speak at one of Africa’s biggest podcast channel on Anchor for blockchain technology.

Discussing on Defining the appropriate blockchain for a digital economy

It’s going to be an interactive discussion model which I will be approaching every question the aeternity way :blush:.

I will be discussing most points from the recent publication :æternity-the-best-blockchain-for-defi-projects-59253b1c782b

which further elaborates and extends on our previous discussion on defi on æternity blockchain what’s in it for Africa Superheroleague event.

Discussing every point more practically with Africa as the focus.

Though I would explain everything about æternity, but would attack it from a more defi stand point with an African focused discussion.

Aeternity is born defi ready let’s discuss this is, as I will be guest at the Blockchain hard talk event promoting aeternity once again.

Blockchain Hard talk on Twitter

Saturday 29th of August, 3pm west African time.

Tune in guys



Great @successoganiru.chain! Did this event take place? Please share the recording and the main questions and ideas from this discussion here :rocket:

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Yes it delayed a little because it is a podcast so they will have to do some editing before posting on their channel.
It should be out in some days on the pod cast channel then I can update here.

You will love it

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Report of "Defining the appropriate blockchain for a digital economy podcast featuring aeternity with me as a guest.

I had an amazing time discussing on the topic with focus on how æternity is changing the space and what we bring to the table.

A lot were discussed both technical angles of how aeternity supercedes Ethereum, what aeternity is currently up to, the Development and achiements so far, aeternity and De-fi, developing on æternity and also ideas, challenges and future engagements.

Key focus was centered around building on aeternity :bulb:

Twitter post.

Podcast uploaded listen here :cat:

Now uploaded.

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Thanks @successoganiru.chain, could you please show me how many people viewed or interacted with this podcast? I can’t see any numbers on anchor or spotify :thinking:

Funny. Okay on anchor there’s no number of listens listed on the display everything is seen from the analytics which is accessible by the podcast moderator. The Blockchain hard talk is the only notable blockchain podcast in Africa if you go through the achirve you see other projets like $dash $beam and lots more featured on the podcast.
From what I got from the moderator they get a minimum of 500 listens on a monthly basis on the minimum. It isn’t on Spotify I’m not sure. Anchor is primarily the podcast channel for blockchain hard talk.

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