Blockchain in Africa with æternity conference

Good morning guys I’ll be a guest at the cryptocurrency Academy next week Tuesday discussing on the topic Blockchain in Africa with æternity blockchain.

We’ll look at topics like

What is æternity blockchain.

How is æternity blockchain impacting Africa. Here we will look at various impact æternity I making in Africa and how it can impact Africa terms of project funding, startfleet project, startup funding, the recent announced funding Aeternity Co-Founder worth €100 Million Euro VC Fund to Support Blockchain Development in Emerging Markets Like Africa.

What solutions are being built on the æternity blockchain and what problems can it solve.

We’ll also have a discussion about the fresh superhero content tipping platform as a build to the superhero event I am working on with the academy and other learning community leads, we’ll run through quick tutorials on how to get started and start writing quality content on the superhero platform which gets them to get up to 500æ tip from me on quality content. (This covers for the giveaway listed on the flyer).

And lastly why people should consider blockchain development in Africa, how to get started and for projects looking at building solutions why they need to get on the æternity blockchain to build solutions.

The flyer contains date and details of the event which will be recorded and held on zoom meet and will be uploaded on the Academy YouTube channel immediately after the event.

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Any topics you may like us to cover please feel free to add.


Thanks for announcing this @successoganiru.chain, I moved the thread to the meetups category as this is a virtual meetup in a general blockchain community. Can you please also share social media links of this event here?

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Yes I will shortly. I thought posting here first before making any public post would better.

Updating the links to social media post shortly @erik.chain