Blockchain in Uniben

Talking about Blockchain technologies is so super cool, and my new year plans for Aèternity is to take it, to every universities and colleges in Nigeria and maybe beyond, and also have a working Aeternity community there (developers)

So this year, I visited Benin, the University of Benin, it was à great time for this students, we had over 90 students who showed up to come and learn, we were able to absorb the developers, graphics designers and entrepreneurs in their midst.

Some hot topics:
• Decentralized govt and centralized govt!
• Banks vs Blockchain
• Opportunities on the blockchain

they was a panel discussions with different speakers from different job descriptions ranging from traders, graphics designers, writers, developers, who enlightened everyone.

It was a great even, @success helped out to to the introductory lecture of and also consequently organize technical meetups

Success Oganiru giving an introductory lecture to

Photo gallery

I would be traveling back to start a developer meetup to ensure we have a working Aeternity blockchain developer community here