Bminer 15.4.0 improve the performance of Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity and add an experimental flag --fast to improve the performance

Running outing out of juice is exactly what its like. I have (3) 1500 watt platinum PS’s and have an actual power meter on the electrical feed to the rig. It runs at 1900 to 2100 watts when 9 GPU’s are mining.

I did downgrade fro 417.17 based on comments of people having issues.

I have not tired any other algo’s as I am running cuckoo 31 for AE. Grim is slightly different from what I have heard but seems to be close enough to have the same issues mining with essentially identical rigs. I will try enabling another GPU today and see if it crashes again. 9 seems stable right now but I did schedule a auto reboot every few hours.

Yes I believe the algos are similar enough to present the same issues with similar systems.
Do you know of any issue with Linux from other miners?
Also which version of drivers are on specifically?

Finally, what made you choose AE.
I’m actually looking for more profitable algos/coins so on the hunt I stumbled on grim but not too fussed if there’s something better out there for 1080ti multi toy setups

We’re pleased to release Bminer 14.1.0.

Improve performance of AE / Grin on Turing cards.
Improve performance of AE / Grin on lower-end CPUs and Windows platforms.
Support mining beam on leafpool and nicehash.
Fix the regression where /api/v1/devices is occasionally unresponsive.

AE mining on stock settings:

  • 11.00 Sol/s on RTX 2080ti
  • 8.3 Sol/s on RTX 2080

Grin mining on stock settings:

  • 10.8 G/s on GTX 2080Ti
  • 7.90 G/s on GTX 2080

Please see for more details.

Happy mining!

Bminer sure has a propensity to failover. Can anything be done to mitigate this???

14.1 not good for me. I havent seen the reduced cpu charge on my celeron but i saw a lot of rejected shares. So i went back to 14.0.0 and no rejected shares. Hash wasnt better on 14.1

Not sure of issues with linux disto’s. I used to run a full node on Ubuntu but now mine via a pool. Once the stratum release is out I will probably run a node again

Afterburner has driver at 398.82. Windows device manager is 24.21.13 9882 dated 7/30/2018.

Just tried 10 GPU’s again and it randomly reboots with no errors. 9 seems to be the max for me. Just went to bminer 14.1.0 and we will see how it goes.

I have supported AE since ICO. I feel it has GREAT potential so I am a HODLer. I am trying to get my hands on as much AE as I can for the future. If you start mining AE then I would recommend F2POOL. I mined on Beepoll for awhile but switched as they dominated the hashrate and I wanted to switch it up a bit. I actually report a faster hash on F2pool site and make a bit more while spreading out the network hashrate a bit. This is just a personal opinion…definitely do your own research.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Rob.
This is helpful.
What’s the power consumption with 8 and 9 cards, daily hashrate and daily AE.
Want to see if it’s better to switch to it.
Although it seems both grin and AE spiked and now on the downward trend

8 1080ti is 1700-1800 watts and 9 cards is 2000-1900 as measured on an external power meter. Hashrates are calualted different bases on where you mine. Beepool is a factor of 10 different in its calc. so it kind of subjective but F2pool averages me .65 yo .75 ksol/sec. Beepool is a bit less but calcs it diffent by a factor of 10 so it can still be compared and runs 5.8 to 7.0 ksol/sec.

Bottom line is my average AE for 24 hours has been as low as 24 and and high as 36 depending on difficulty. Usually its around 30 and paid daily.

I overclocked a bit and miner died lastnight. Not sure if it the OC or ver 14.1.0 Removed the OC and will let it go. With 9 its running right on the edge I think. I did setup a schedule to auto reboot every so often.

Like I said I am a HODLer of AE as I think its a sound project for when the bear market is over.

Gminer 1.25 gives same or even bit faster hash. No rejected and no crashes for me on windows 10. Low cpu usage too.

Hi Rob,

Switched to nvOC and I get 11 gpus to work.
10 super stable 11, sometimes crashes. Trying to figure out why (seems like I GPU has a loose connection).
If you haven’t done so, give it a spin.

AE supported out of the box

We’re pleased to release Bminer 14.3.0.

Improve the performance for Cuckatoo31.
Support 2080Ti for Cuckatoo31.
Reduce the CPU usages for Grin / Aeternity by default.
Reduce the likelihood of rejected shares for Cuckatoo31.

Please see for more details.
Please see for performances of Bminer on mining different coins.

Happy mining!

I upgraded to 14.3 yesterday but I’ve never seen the 7.4 you have on your performance table on any of my 1080 Ti cards. I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I’m running two 1080 Ti’s per motherboard with a good gap between them and a fan over them.
I usually get 6.91. If I try to run 3 or 4 cards on the same MB then I take a huge hit while they slow down to cool off.

Does anything in the latest release help Aeternity???

14.3.1 (

  • Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29.
  • Reduce the likelihood of rejected shares of Cuckatoo31.
  • Support Nicehash for both Cuckaroo29 / Cuckatoo31.

That’s a good idea! I think it will be better.

Seems that this is all about Grin…

Agree, with more pools it will be more attractive!

We’re pleased to release Bminer 15.4.0.
The release provides:

  • Improve performance of Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity.
  • Improve compatibility on Windows.
  • Add an experimental flag --fast to improve the performance for Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity, but it might lead to unstability on some systems.

Aeternity hashrate on 1080ti is around 8.3H/s.

Please see for more details.
Happy mining.

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Bminer is on 15.5.3 now. I wish I understood the failover behavior, in particular when & why does it failback to pool1??? Their reference page says:
-failover Fail-over strategy between multiple pools. Bminer can retry the connection, failover to the next pool or a pool that is randomly chosen in the lists of available pools. Supported strategies are sameHost, immediateNext and random.

The default immediateNext goes from Pool1 to Pool2 but after the 4 hours I’ve watched it does not go back to Pool1. The option sameHost seems like banging ones head on the wall. If there’s a reason it stopped mining or communicating then move on to another pool. There should be an option to try the same pool a time or two and then go to the next in your list. But after 15 or 30 minutes go back and try Pool1 again.

Be nice if Bminer would periodically print a line in your terminal feed saying worker name, intensity, fast enabled, maybe version, etc.

Summer’s here with my Time-of-Use electric rate skyrocketing by 7x. Sure would be nice if there was an automatic way to turn Bminer off during Peak Hours. Anyone know a good Bminer Manager that does that???

Edit 8-24-19: The Rule of Three is lame for these sleepy threads.

Does anyone know how the blackbox knobs called -intensity and -fast affect AE mining???
From what they wrote about -intensity it’s clear one has a weak CPU then use -intensity 0 or 1. But what about the opposite when one has a strong GPU & CPU??? For now I use -fast -intensity 12.