Bookmarking aepps doesn't work URL for path with backslash

I’m playing around with the base aepp and aepps that are hosten on an URL like

can not be bookmarked. Whenever i bookmark the aepp within the base aepp it only bookmarks without /aepp-name-example/

Please fix it :slight_smile: @stoyan_ae

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We discussed this in some length last week and decided to leave it like this for security reasons.

Security protection comes on the domain level. So if we allowed aepp providers to host different aepps under the same domain or subdomain, we would be granting access to accounts to any aepp hosted on that domain. Ex. user grants account access to, not knowing that that also grants account access to,, etc.

@piwo said he will look into configuring github pages hosting to work with subdomains.


Yes @emin for security reason the base aepp can only support aepps hosted under plain domains. For the naming example and any other aepp hosted on GitHub pages someone will have to come up with a solution on hosting side