Bootcamp in University of Jos

In a way of starting the bootcamp that kicked off in University of Jos, We started by talking about what smart contracts really are and what they do in an application. Also what should be contained in a smart contract and how it can be written, tested and deployed.
We wrote a simply little smart contract written and compiled on the fire editor.

payable contract LifeHack =

record hackUser =
creatorAddress : address,
imageUrl : string,
name : string,
tutorial : string,
like : bool,
likeCount : int

record state = {
hack : map(int, hackUser),
hackLength : int}

entrypoint init() = {
hack = {},
hackLength = 0}

entrypoint getHack(index : int) =
switch(Map.lookup(index, state.hack))
None => abort(“Product does not exist with this index”)
Some(x) => x

//create a life hack

stateful entrypoint writeHack( imageUrl’ : string, name’ : string, tutorial’ : string) =
let hackUser = {
creatorAddress = Call.caller,
imageUrl = imageUrl’,
name = name’,
tutorial = tutorial’,
like = false,
likeCount = 0

let index = getHackLength() + 1
put(state{hack[index] = hackUser, hackLength = index})

//returns lenght of life hacks registered

entrypoint getHackLength() : int =

//returns number of likes

entrypoint getlikeCount(index : int) =

//like a lifehack

stateful entrypoint likeLifeHack(index : int) =
let product = getHack(index)

let update = {
  creatorAddress  = product.creatorAddress,
  imageUrl = product.imageUrl,
  name =, 
  tutorial = product.tutorial,
  like = true,
  likeCount = product.likeCount+1}
put(state{hack[index] = update})  

This is to bring everyone to speed and we move together. We will build a frontend and backend and connect it to the smart contract. We aim to have a Daepp the school can adopt at the end of the bootcamp.


congratulation sir, can we chat on telegram we also want to join your boot camp some time.

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Yes we can @jeremiah99
find me @Kusustevie