[BOUNTY] AE Token Mining Guides For Linux and Windows


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This Forum topic is dedicated to discussions related to the currently running AE token mining bounty. Please refer to this blog post for bounty details:



For mining on minerOS,you need a minerOS account,registered it on www.mineros.cn ,it’s free for use.

1. Make a minerOS boot disk(use USB disk).

Download minerOS setup tools, http://cdn.mineros.cn/mineros/utils/win32/minerOS-tool-setup-1.2.0.exe.

Insert USB disk and run the tool.

Choose ‘’custom burning‘’

Click next.

Choose a version based on your gpu type AMD/GPU, It is recommended to choose the latest version.

chose your Udisk and click Download and burn to next step.

waitting for burning completed.

2.Startup minerOS on your rigs

now your have a minerOS bootdisk , insert it in your rigs.and set boot from Udisk.

when successful startup,you can see it on your rigs.Command “mosh -i” write minerOS to hard disk(minerOS can run in Udisk also).

Use chrome Input your rigs IP address(In the same local area network,)login your minerOS account and click "Local Activation“.

3.** Set up and control your rig on minerOS dashboard **
Visit dashboard.mineros.cn you can see the activated rigs. now yor can control it anywhere.

Chose「Template」 and click Plus in the upper right corner to creat new template.

new a AE mining template,fill in your config and click ok to save.(you can also use custom pool like )

switch to 「Servers」and Selected your rigs chose 「Config&Reload」,chose ae Template you had set and 「OK」.

When restart miner , you rigs begin mining ae as your Template set!!!


Hey all,

Just a reminder that the Bounties for the two Mining Guides run until May 10th!!!

Hurry up and come win some AE tokens!



Hey Albena, I was actually considering making an AE mining guide for my YouTube Channel (HashRaptor.com) per the request of my viewers, when I stumbled on this bounty. Question, can I submit the video to your link and post to my channel? Can there be an intro and outro, or is this suppose to be a cut and dry tutorial with no commentary? Does every miner have to be shown working on every pool (4 win miners x 3 pools)? How would you like to address 2miners when they come up in the near future? Thanks in advance, I just want to make sure it makes sense for me to tackle this and that the video would align with your requirements!

Take care!


Hey @HashRaptor,

Please cover as many mining options as possible in your guide, will be appreciated. You will be considered for the bounty. Maybe one of those only - intro OR an outro.




Thanks for the details. Does it need to be uploaded to you or can it be posted on YouTube?


One last question, the instructions say, " must include a part dedicated to setting up an AE account (wallet)."
Previously, I mined to my Anybit mobile wallet. When you say “dedicate to setting up and AE account (wallet)”, where is this wallet, where do I setup the account you are asking for, and are there any existing instructions? Looking at the AE site, I didn’t see any mention of a wallet. Sorry if I missed it.


Is it okay to use AirGap as the wallet?


Hey @HashRaptor, yes, AirGap is one of the options.
You can also use the Base æpp.



Excellent. Thanks for the response!


Hey all,

There are 2 more days until the deadline :slight_smile:

Hurry up and win some reward in AE tokens!