Bounty: Blockchain Dashboard


Blockchain Dashboard Bounty

We are announcing a bounty for visualization of live data coming from the æternity blockchain. In addition to continually improving the æternity Blockchain Explorer, we would like to see the æternity community involved in making dashboards.

Rules and Eligibility

  • This contest is open to anyone who has reached the age of maturity in their country of residence.
  • Teams are free to participate, but the award will be sent to a single AE address.
  • These submissions should be a fully-functioning web applications.
  • The submission should visualize data in the following categories: core (e.g., top block, transactions per day), currency stats, block stats (e.g., difficulty, key blocks mined), mining stats (e.g., transactions in the mempool, block reward), and æternity protocol (e.g., oracles queried, state channels opened).
  • The submissions should be open-source and posted on GitHub.
  • Submissions Deadline: December 23, 2018 | 11:59 PM CET
  • After the submission deadline has passed, members of the æternity team will evaluate all entries and select the winners.
    • The bounty amount is 3000 AE.
  • All participants must fill-in this short form in order to be eligible to participate:

Design Direction

We are looking for designs consistent with the æpps Styles guide (available at the link below). For your convenience, we have also included the fonts that we use.

We have also prepared a reference sketch for the type of data and visuals we would like to see. We welcome all submissions and don’t want to constrain your imagination in any way!


If you have any questions, feel free to post them here!


Bounty amount is too little in my opinion. Double that and we can talk…


I see the submission deadline but when is the JUDGEMENT DAY? DAY of judging the dashboards? Who judges these? Is there a voting system and if so will it run on Sophia Lang? As members of the community we are interested to know the low downs before we choose to get down or not…


We are working on the actual blog post currently. Judgement day is after the deadline. We will create a topic with all entries here in the Forum and will allow users to vote for their favorites. The final decision will rest with the æternity team, however.

The governance mechanism in æternity has not been launched yet. I am not sure what the “low downs” is :smiley:



Ok thank you Vlad. The low down = deadline of mvp submission. So registration is there and how long do we have to implement this funky dashboard?

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Question, do we have to provide the statistics backend or are those statistics going to be provide by epoch for us?

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Do we have to develop whole website or just the design and mock-ups?


Hi Chrissmartin,

have a look at the “Rules and Eligibility” section.

  • These submissions should be a fully-functioning web applications.


Epoch allows you to access quite some data, but you might want to write your own backend to accumulate more data about the chain.
You can use some of the public nodes, for example: to start hacking.


I’ll do my best to build a nice block explorer!

I am not sure whether I could achieve all requirements in the next ten days, but it’s my honor to try.


The issue is it provides data. instant data. point data.

no history, no timestamp, no back tracking. that is what I was asking. without developing something extra having trends show for the past is not possible.

Just to elaborate, the status area only shows:
Difficulty, peer_count, pending transactions, solutions.

Everything else should be pretty much static or really slow changing:
Gensis block, listening, network id, node revision, node version, protocol and syncing.

This is my personal website of aeternity explorer and stats tool, Currently supporting the English and Chinese Language. I made this not for the bounty, My motivation comes from more and more people can use my website and giveme advices, so that i can make it more user-friendly and humanreadable.
I am on my way to make it a extremely nice tools,Hoping you guy’s advices.


You can also use the aepp-middleware to get some of the data for you. It’s in github at and connects to a node, and downloads its entire blockchain into a Postgres database, then keeps the DB up-to-date with new blocks as they arrive. It’s written in Rust, and we’d welcome any contributions to it, as well.


Hey everyone,

Don’t forget today is the last day to participate in the Dashboard Bounty.
See the details above and take your chance!!!



It’s an honor to be involved~the code of has been submitted to github as I filled in the form above.

Since aeknow is barely working, it’s still in heavy developing, and the code is a mess:rofl:

I’ll keep improving it in the next 2 month!


The bounty is now over! Thank you all for participating. We will review all submissions and let you know soon.


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