[BOUNTY] Windows Miner and Guide Discussions [COMPLETED]



This topic is created to improve communication in relation to the Windows Miner and Guide bounty that we just announced. Ask questions, add comments!


Hello!, Someone already presented projects???, there is no way to extend the times ?, I found out a few days ago due to lack of time.


Hey, how much time do you think you will need for this? There are 10 more days.



I Will try, in these 10 days! . Thanks!!!


Perfect! Let me know if you experience any issues.


Do you think you will be able to make it? :slight_smile:


Hello, I do not have time availability, due to my work.
I am going to try it, in the same way, if I can achieve something, I will notify you here without obligation, I thank you for your interest! It is a pleasure


Hi, I’ve added instructions for such a setup in PR 1710.

I hope that works for others too.


@ae-vlad What is the best way to move PR 1710 forward?


Hey, I am speaking with the devs now. Will let you know.


@ae-vlad Was there any submissions for the Windows miner bounty that ended Oct 31?
Please thank the team for all the hard work…very exciting time!


Any updates for Windows Miner?


Hey @felicity_9

We have a Windows Miner and Guide but it’s CPU so currently it is useless.
We are looking into other options and will let you all know.



Thanks for your information. Looking forward the Windows Miner.


I am also very interested in gpu mining on windows!


Same here. Please let us know once mining AE on Win10 is possible :slight_smile:


@Brinza @felicity_9 Feel free to take a look at Epoch Windows Release (experimental) - Call for Testers


thanks I’ll try later