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Hello, everybody
After about half a year of development, we have brought a Chinese community called BOX (Android, iOS) mobile terminal applications, we optimized the Base aepp existing shortcomings, inherits all the advantages, and in the speed, and the user experience on the big grinding and optimized, and the recent hot DEFI function, generated by the pledge to dig their own tokens, below is his features, AENS, transfer, payment, word mnemonic login and backup, transfer record, DEFI and so on. Below is the demo video, which is currently being tested, and the official version will be launched within half a month


In case you guys wanted some slight English corrections…
0:24 - ‘Lock AE to in mining’ is incorrect - ‘Lock AE for mining’ perhaps?
0:24 - You are locked -> You have locked
0:37 - Please enter the amount to send
0:43 - ‘Distance expires:’ -> ‘Time left:’

Amazing stuff!!! Excited to see this come out!

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Thank you very much. All English is translated by Google.

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Looks great!

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How about you? Any new ideas? It’s not a good thing to just speak and shout.


Bro share in the telegram channel also.

This is great!

Is there any link to download this app? I have to try this

Where can I try this app?

coiming soon

Still on the inside, looking forward to it

Soon, in October

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So can staek (stake) ae? And earn interest?

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I didn’t quite catch your meaning.

The defi feature… More details when you can please, great idea and very important that the community has somewhere to ‘lock up’ or ‘stake’ ae tokens and possibly earn an APR or similar. I think the dev who has this feature polished will be very successful. Lots of liquidity in ae community tokens not utilised