BoxWallet 2021 Summary report

Time flies, and it will be the end of 2021 in a blink of an eye. Looking back on the work of the past year, I have mainly done the following aspects:

Community maintenance

For daily maintenance of the community, we add Telegram throughout the year. Twitter, QQ and other communities, daily answer user questions, increase English-language customer service positions, expand overseas markets, and allow wallets to go overseas.

Working situation

Looking back on the work of the whole year, under the premise that the community is properly maintained, the research and development work is mainly carried out around the development of the core functions of the wallet.

In terms of functions, we have upgraded the core contract mapping mining of the AE public chain in three versions, from the first version of regular access to the second version of flexible access, to the current third version, which is absolutely safe and pioneered in the entire network. Mapping mining to obtain ABC, in terms of the number of mapped AEs, we have also continuously guaranteed more than 10 million AEs for lock-up mapping.

In the decentralized exchange, we have also upgraded the contract, and also support the exchange of pending orders for the three tokens of ABC, WTT and AEG. The total amount of AE exchanged throughout the year is about 250,000 AE, and the ABC equity user fee is about 1,300 AE. Fees will be distributed to active ABC holders in 2022 according to the rules.

In terms of the core functions of the wallet, we have provided the support of the basic AE chain. We have also added 5 mainstream public chains (ETH, BSC, HECO, OKEX, CFX), and carried out the ecological analysis of the 5 public chains through the self-developed DAPP browser. Seamless access. At the same time, we also support the tokens in the public chain. At present, it is compatible with hundreds of thousands of tokens and tens of thousands of DAPPs in the whole network. In other areas we have increased friendliness, biometric multi-account login and more. User experience has always been one of the directions we attach importance to.

2022 plan

For the review of 2021, the products are becoming more and more perfect, and more and more public chains are supported. We will make forward-looking preparations later to improve code reuse and facilitate later product expansion. We are also considering adding hot spots. For ABC, we will continue to increase activities to increase the popularity, and formulate rules for collecting fees in 2021.
Time is fleeting, and it is a great honor and pride to be able to make a wallet that everyone loves. I hope that in the future, I will not only gain self-growth, but also contribute to the development of the community. Thanks to the community, thanks to the users, and thanks to the family members who are with us. The plan and outlook for the coming year, facing new problems caused by different challenges every year. I hope that in the new year, I will not be afraid of challenges, solve problems, and contribute more to the community.

January 25, 2022

very good work!Look forward boxwallet to be the dapp center of ae。The pledge of the ae hyperchain can be made on the box


HyperChain Will support in the first time!


Looking forward to seeing ABC being traded amongst the many AEX-9 tokens on the upcoming AE DEX :raised_hands: