Brief report and advice of the Smart Contracts on Mainnet

With the coming of SuperHero, the smart contract data tracking of has been being updated these days, and there is a brief report and advice.

The first smart contract was deployed at height 4187, ~401 smart contracts had been deployed on the mainnet, ~203 contracts had been called at least once, ~36 contracts had been called in the past 10000 blocks(, and the contract which has most calls is AEG(~45310 calls).

1.Fungible Tokens

The fisrt fungible token AEB(NOT AEX-9) was deployed by with aevm, which was abandoned.

There are 3 AEX-9 tokens which are listed for now:

  1. AEA, AEasy test token, ~12 calls
  2. AEG, test token, ~45310 calls
  3. AES, AE stable coin token, ~29 calls

The other contracts might belong to different aepps, but only a few aepp’s contract was named such as:

  1. SuperHero, SuperHero’s smart contract, ~3764 calls.
  2. Frozen AE. The frozen AE token on ETH to be migrated, ~554 calls

3. Advices

  1. The examples might need to be updated, it seems that the contracts here can not be complied successfully now.
  2. The document of Sophia might need more examples for our beginners.

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Thanks for the report and the feedback.

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Really glad to have your continuing contribution!