[BUG] superhero button

Hi @milenradkov.chain,

I experience the following problem with the button for quite a while now:

See https://kryptokrauts.com/support/

It is quite obvious that we didn’t receive that amount in AE :smiley:

I talked to @philipp.chain about the problem and I am sure I currently use the latest version of the button (3.0.0), see: https://github.com/kryptokrauts/kk-website/commit/c3d4560c5dee661e40ce18e67af5485da4a0a2a6

Would be nice if you could solve that issue.


The latest version of the button is v0.5.1 where this should be fixed (https://github.com/aeternity/superhero-utils/pull/28). :thinking:

P.S.: superhero-button repo was renamed to superhero-utils as it also provides a paywall script for content creators.

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ok this is kinda weird. I always looked into this npm repo https://www.npmjs.com/package/@aeternity/superhero-button

didn’t notice the change of the repo. will switch to superhero-utils then. thanks!

is https://unpkg.com/@aeternity/superhero-utils/dist/index.js working for you? I get “Cannot find “/dist/index.js” in @aeternity/[email protected]

Sorry. Can you try with 0.5.1, I think there was a problem with npm.

https://unpkg.com/@aeternity/superhero-utils/dist/index.js should be fine now :thinking:

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yeah works now, thanks!

definitely need to test the Paywall feature :+1:t2:

@milenradkov.chain I have another problem. it seems like the button doesn’t detect my browser extension and forwards me to wallet.superhero.com when clicking on the donate button :frowning:

Which version of the wallet extension are you using?

v.0.3.2, somehow I can’t upgrade to v.0.3.3 on Brave right now

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