Bug when claiming a domain for the 2nd time?

I just wanted to add a pointer to our domain kryptokrauts.chain after we finally got it.

unfortunately I assumed that when using nameTtl=0 the protocol would automatically use the max possible TTL.

this isn’t the case and as result we “lost” our domain with the following transaction:

as I wasn’t able to fix this fast enough (if that would have been possible?! :smiley:) we need to claim the domain again.

so we performed a new preclaim:

now when trying to claim that domain again it doesn’t seem to be possible :frowning: … is this a bug in the protocol?

ok I should have read in the protocol before

After the revoke transaction has been included in the chain, the name enters the revoked state. After a fixed timeout of 2016 blocks, the name will be available for claiming again.

need to wait some time now :frowning:

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Thanks for sharing the problem AND the solution you have found. This helps others a lot!