Bugs of AENS need to be solved

There are several bugs with AENS:
Firstly,names are can not be pointed, some members of Chinese coummunity found that the name of poionted account can not be changed. (eg: Step1 setting account#1 as digitaleconomy.chain, step2 setting digitaleconomy.chain as adventure.chain and system showed that name has successfully changed, step3 log out, step4 log in againe, step5 check the name, the should be adventure.chain but actually the name is digitaleconomy.chain )
Secondly, names of subaccounts switched or disappeared, this phenomenons were showed in the following pictures. I think some details are needed: step1 setting 5 subaccounts names as the ones showed in first picture, step2 log out, step3 log in again and checked the names and the names changed to the ones in the second picture, step4, resetting names as the ones showed in the third picture, step5 log out, step6 log in 8 hours after step3 and checked the name and the manes are showed in the fourth picture.