Building Daepps on aeternity

We are working on a Daepp we hope to deploy on aeternity soon and the question of authentication came up and I wanted to know if we can have a solution that can handle authentication without stress. using MetaMask to handle authentication was a bit difficult with our previous Daepp (since the solution is to be used by none tech guys) and we had to use Fortmatic ( to do authentication which was a lot more easier and faster than what MetaMask offers.
This will make our work a lot more easier on aeternity.


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Is this a possible solution on aeternity because I was discussing with some people and they are not comfortable using base aepp for authentication. Also I saw a thread on 19th April, 2019 suggesting the samething.

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What is the meaning of in-browser for you? How do you make an integration without extension? Any website can use the sdk to communicate with state channels right now. The base-aepp or extension would just help in order to manage the identity of users.

Base aepp hasn’t really helped us. You will need to train people on how to authenticate using base aepp and for usability and mass adoption we need to make tools a lot more easy to use.

If you give specific feedback on what to improve or a PR to fix some issues then it will be way better in order to make the tooling easy to use.

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