Building Wallet

Hi, We’re Coming from a Social Network Web Application, Wanna Integrate to Aeternity Node, Our First step is Building Wallet and empower users To Send AE Token to each other.
Our Platform is Implemented in Erlang/OTP and Elixir/Phoenix, also Our Basic Logic Wallet Implemented on top of Erlang, using Mnesia for Database, As we reviewed the website there is just an simple doc for building wallet and it’s about JavaScript… We’re planning to use Erlang itself for creating wallet
We need an expert from Aeternity Team to show us the Roadmap and How can We start, Actually we’re noob Toward Blockchain Development and It’s our First experience for Developing a Crypto wallet.


Hey @arvand,

thanks for reaching out via forum! I guess we already had a short conversation on Discord about that :slight_smile:

So I was referring to following repositories and I hope these help you to get started implementing your wallet in Erlang/Elixir:

I think @hanssv.chain will happily answer all non-JS related questions here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Marco! Yeah We used the Repos you shared me on Discord for generating Mnemonic and Looking for the Next steps especially the API :slight_smile:

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I think you need to elaborate a bit more what’s missing from your point of view? no idea what API you’re referring to right now

We just need a clarification about the Steps How can we Start and Develop exactly like Build wallet for JS doc, Actually If The Aeternity team Consider a guy to connect us directly we can handle the wallet development easily, Honestly I don’t have a strong background toward blockchain Development
anyway here our Repo please have a review especially for Wallet and let’s Continue

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the steps are basically providing information how to use the SDK which implements AEX-2

we might revisit this or come up with a new proposal how to deal with wallet interaction.

but generally the 3 repositories mentioned above should probably enough to get started with wallet interaction. we cannot provide more right now for Erlang/Elixir.

your devs need to dig into this and come up with some solution in that regards :wink:

but in any case, if there are specific questions I am sure we will find somebody to help you out!

Ok let me see How can we Handle that