Buying AE from different countries

Hello, all. I would like to start a thread about how you buy (or sell) AE from your country. This is to hopefully crowdsource information and have the community collaborate on a Wiki that would help beginners learn how they can access AE tokens, depending on where they’re from. I will start by adding how I purchase AE tokens from the Philippines. Feel free to comment in the thread on how you access AE tokens from your country.

Currently, I have to go through BTC, ETH, or BCH before getting AE. To go from fiat to crypto, these are two primary options I have. There may be more but these are the ones I use.

Fiat to Crypto


Pro’s: Better rates than (option 2) because of easy access to their exchange.

There are three options to cash in:

  • Paymaya (virtual debit card) 3.1% fee
  • Credit (or debit card) 3.1% fee
  • GCash


Pro’s: Easy access through mobile app. More cash in methods.
Con’s: Higher rates. Exchange was very buggy the last I tried. Gave up on that.

Cash in methods:

  • Bank transfers
  • Western Union / Palawan etc


Once I have some crypto it’s easy for me to get AE. I normally use simply out of habit. I should probably explore other exchanges. For reference, here is a list of exchanges that have AE trading pairs.

Additionally, you can also easily swap BTC/ETH to AE on JellySwap
Buying AE directly with a credit card is also possible through Changelly. There are fees for Changelly, of course.

Please feel free to contribute your knowledge. Your input is definitely valuable. Thank you in advance. :heart:

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Hi @theScientress.chain

Actually in India we don’t have any exchanges where we can buy . So I had a suggestion and started a thread.

Next week ill connect with them and see if they are interested in adding Aeternity in there exchange

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Good initiative @Vikram let us know how it goes.

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Recently i found a place where you can create token and i did it, so far it’s been quite good. There i can not only create tokens i use it as a digital wallet and to make my transfers. What site do you use?

Hi @theScientress.chain @Vikram Is there any progress for this?