Campus Blockchain Event, Akure, Ondo State

The Campus blockchain event that took place 12th -13th April was organized by Nigeria Blockchain Alliance and was held at Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo State. I was one of the speakers at the event to discuss blockchain adoption and usability across Nigeria. I spoke how aeternity is promoting adoption by educating people who don’t know anything about blockchain on and also incentivizing people for participating and also how user friendly the aeternity’s blockchain is and the need for developers to explore and use the blockchain because of its unmatched efficiency.
Other speakers also spoke about their involvement with blockchain and what their companies are doing in the space. Ardor, Jelurda, and Luno was also speakers/panelist at the event.
I also didn’t withhold not talking about Starfleet incubators program and how aeternity is funding brilliant ideas that have global impact to run and be maintained on the blockchain.
The event was hosted by the departments of Cyber security and Computer science; in attendance were some head of department (Computer science, Cyber security, Physics, Mathematics, and Economics) and some of the lectures in the universities.


Thank you again @Stephensunday.chain, it is a primary goal for us at the moment to direct people to so it’s great you talked about that.

And it’s cool that people had the chance to compare æternity with other blockchain projects and see our advantages :wink: Were there questions about that - how æternity is better than others?


Yes there was a particular person who asked "I have been following Ethereum and EOS closely because I love them, why do you want me to think of deploying any thing on aeternity instead of these two? The fact that aeternity has a new programming language makes it more difficult to want to want to learn, so how can you convince me that aeternity is better than EOS and Ethereum?

Well, for one thing EOS fails to pass the decentralization criteria that every public blockchain should abide to - at least that is my personal opinion.
For me, it’s not radically different whether a transaction’s validity would be decided upon by one central entity or by 21 people.

And comparing with Ethereum, æternity is much more scalable and efficient - AE’s state channels are incorporated on a protocol level, whereas Ethereum offers layer-2 scaling solutions (for now).

These are just some of the differences.
What were your answers to those questions?

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