Can't acquire AE from faucet



Step 1. Enter my public key “ak_sLbiaANfRJV32QA6c2H7Q323RingZenWbBdnhVmrYYmTND6RP” in faucet (dot) aepps (dot) com and press “Top up!”

Step 2. faucet prompted that 5000 AET was added and current balance was 40000:

Step 3. follow the link below to my account page:

My balance was expected to be 40000, but the account page displayed the balance was 0:

I need some AE to test exchange integration, but can’t get any AE from


The Ae Explorer is broken. You can check your balance in the Restful api here:

you indeed have 40,000 AE in sdk-testnet.


Nothing is broken. You are possibly doing my same mistake, assuming that the faucet is linked to the (mainnet candidate) testnet.
It is not. As far as i can understand, the there are 2 types of testnet, one of the core group and the other of SDKs.
You possibly joined the core group testnet and tried mining, while the faucet is sending you the coins on the SDK testnet. You’ll never find the coins in the (mainnet candidate) testnet.


There are 3 test networks. testnet, sdk-testnet, and sdk-edgenet.

but, for the record, the explorer IS broken, it will show you balance is 0 even when it is not.


Hey, we just published this blog post on the topic.

It should clear things a bit.