Can't even access my tokens. Linux, Ledger problem

Ledger integration is basically broken on Linux, any help is from years ago & outdated. Half the referenced software doesn’t even exist anymore. Attempting to use Chromium & it just says, USE CHROME. You look into installing Chrome on Arch Linux & see if that’s a reasonable expectation. Chromium, at the least, should work. Firefox is no good.

I just want rid of these awful little things, please help an ICO idiot sell.


reported the problem with Linux and Ledger. not sure if and how fast we will be able to solve this.

any chance that you try out on Mac or Windows?

ok seems like it’s not even working on Windows right now after wiping appdata.

getting following screen now. we need to tackle this. will keep you updated!


fix is on the way:

not sure if it will also solve the Linux issue. will keep you updated about this

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This really goes to show how much thought goes to your ICO investors. This ledger, I got it, from you people, it has AETERNITY etched on it. Hahaha. You got me good. Now those things are locked on the ledger? For, what, how long?

Tell you what, give me 35,000 to replace what’s on the wallet, that you sent me, many a "moon":rofl::rofl::rofl:ago. Just tried on a windows PC, still a problem. Give me MY money, now. Utterly, utterly appalling.

“Really enjoying this whole experience, great work team!”

this statement is absolutely ridiculous. I am not sure how many projects out there provide a mechanism where you can migrate your old tokens til eternity. aeternity did this way better than any other project I know.

the Ledger problem will be fixed. in theory you can already execute the fix locally if you have the technical knowledge:

here the branch. if this is merged we will deploy the fix and you’ll be able to use Ledger again

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Hi. I have this problem, too. I cannot access AE in my ledger showing this message in Google Chrome. I do not have much technical knowledge and am not able to solve the problem with the github website you show. I would appreciate if you could show us a easier solution. I will come back to this page to see further progress. Thank you.

I am also having issues with The app just repeatedly says “need a chrome browser to access” while trying to access in MacOs and Windows computers with chrome browser.

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Hey @viotech, @Momo, @hardeyeroll:

the fixed base aepp is currently available at You should be able to connect your Ledger using this version.

I will let you know when is updated, too.

Just wanted to let you already know about this in case you want to access your funds asap.

Best regards,


Thanks much! the Ledger works fine and can view my AE balance again using the link in both MacOs and Windows chrome browser latest versions.

Now just need to get AE listed on and for USA clients since USA is no longer available on =)


Thank you, Marco. The website works fine.

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now also is updated and serving a fixed version.