Can't extend name in Base aepp

Hey guys!

So for some reason I can’t extend a name that I’ve owned since height 221xxx!

The ‘Set as a default name’ and ‘Extend name’ buttons are both grayed out inside of the base aepp!

What’s goin’ on!? :slight_smile: How can this be fixed!? Thanks thanks!


P.S. Why isn’t there a ‘General’ forum of some sort on here? All the channels are so specific and constrictive. :confused:

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Hi @swift try register/extend your name via SuperHero Wallet, Chrome extension it works.

Also, you can share your ideas here it’s quite ‘general’ :slight_smile:

Thank you, @aniputapet.chain! But the chain name is not under my Superhero account but under my Base.Aepp account! I don’t really want to transfer it - and am really confused why just one of the names (the rest work) isn’t allowing me to update!

And ‘general’ like - ‘let’s tell stories about our favorite crypto stories’ - and ‘discuss why AE is better than anything else’ - kind of General.

That’s how you build a community, AEorg - by letting people be people! :slight_smile:

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:clap::clap::clap::clap: Absolutely.

What you would suggest? Where is the best place for such topic? The usual channel is also I personally find community group and live chat suitable for such discussion.

Regarding the Base aepp - let’s wait for more suggestions since I claimed my .chain name through Superhero

@swift you can extend you name using the base æpp in combination with (you need a remote connection and use aenalytics on your desktop, not mobile)

make sure to connect your wallet (top right) and then go to the name you want to extend. Next to the name you should see an icon to perform actions if you are the owner of that name

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That’s magic, thank you @marco.chain!

And, @aniputapet.chain - well, just having a ‘normal-people-AE-talk’ section on the forum might be a good thing? Not everyone wants to DL Telegram and why not have multiple locations where AE communities could grow?! AE just needs to do more things! Do all the things!



Is it important for you to use the base aepp in the future? Because it seems like it won’t be supported anymore and thus we might also ignore it for our relaunch auf aenalytics.

No, it’s not important to use base aepp, @marco.chain - however, I gotta tell you, aenalytics worked great to update that one name - but then the ‘wrench sign’ next to ALL of my names disappeared for some reason. I was still able to see them and modify/update in the aepp. But great, overall - I much appreciate the interface/clear communication in the aenalytics! Really great to see the ‘days until exparation’ note for the chain names too.

The base aepp is going away? Huh… Kind of worried of AE never picking a lane and sticking with it - and always changing, for years now. That’s a worrisome sign. Hopefully the latest changes stay for long time and grow!

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Currently we are connecting aenalytics to the old middleware which has some bugs and cannot show the active auctions.

We are working on a new version that will be even better - but that will take some time.

Yes from all what I heard of the base aepp won’t be further developed. @icarus and I thought about forking and maintaining it under our kryptokrauts umbrella because we like the remote connection which isn’t possible with Superhero (at least at this point of time).