Can't leave after user issues cancelation from base aepp

Hello People!

We (with @hernandp) have this scenario:

-base aepp user issues a deposit request which when asked for confirmation, decides to cancel-reject it.
-just after that, base aepp sends an unstructured message to other party, successfuly.
-then, the other party tries to leave() the channel, and after some time (maybe a minute or so), leave’s promise returns this error:

leave:Error: Unexpected message received:

[Nest] 27983 - 09/04/2019, 5:58 PM [customer] ch_BY2kyWhfEtg3|[DIED]
[Nest] 27983 - 09/04/2019, 5:58 PM [customer] ch_BY2kyWhfEtg3|[DISCONNECTED]

we are unsure if this has to do with or not.