Can't wait for transaction confirmation


Help please, already three weeks there is no confirmation of the transaction
I transferred AE from my wallet to the Huobi exchange. The deposit was credited a day later, but now I cannot withdraw the deposit from the exchange, since there was no complete confirmation of the transaction. How much more time do I have to wait? It’s been 3 weeks already

Please check with Huobi support.

The confirmation of the transaction in the AE block is independent of the Huobi exchange. You can only help my problem

Huobi support advised me to contact you. So who can help me?

I think you are misunderstanding their response. Your transaction was confirmed on both the aeternity blockchain and the huobi exchange BUT they are not allowing to withdraw, not only for you but for everybody. Please keep asking them when they think to enable it again as there is a lot of people willing to make transactions.


I have a question when will the system update be completed?

aeternity side already done but they also need to upgrade their node, that’s why I’m telling you to push harder to their support. There is nothing we can do other than communicate and send support for the upgrades as we already did.

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