Can't withdraw aeternity from binance

Hello. I tried to send my aeternity tokens from binance to gate a week ago, but still I do not receive it. In binance my transaction is done, status is ‘completed’, there is txid th_K8TqY98KUNnmhsSHjsKqzi8SRUgpGsCWGH9T3NWcqEUix7JGo

but here it says ‘Transaction not found’

I am trying to solve problem with binance support, but they have been doing this throughout a week and still nothing. I do not know where is the problem, in which side, in aeternity blockchain or in binance. It seems the binance sent my aeternity tokens but for some reason the aeternity blockchain did not register the transaction. It is so hard to reach blockchain explorer site - mainnet aeternal, it is not properly working. So can someone tell me where are my aeternity tokens, how can I solve this problem? Thanks

your transaction does not exist. th_K8TqY98KUNnmhsSHjsKqzi8SRUgpGsCWGH9T3NWcqEUix7JGo of Aeternity - AEKnow

Does your AE now missing from your AE binance wallet? Can you cancel transaction?

Hello, how is the status now? I also can’t withdraw from Binance to my cold wallet account. There hasn’t been any confirmation in last 1 day and the status is still processing.

This is the link to my transaction.

Does anybody figure out how to solve this issue? As I know Binance will stop supporting withdrawal by the end of this March regarding to their announcement.

Thank you.

Yes, my aeternity tokens is gone from binance, still do not know where are they. Try to reach binance support

The transaction was done from binance side. I have a ‘completed’ status in withdraw section in binance, there is txid of transaction. But still there is no registered transaction in aeternity blockchain

Is there any AE engineers here can help answer the issue?

have you email them? what did the support said?

I email support asking about withdrawal. Later they reply my email with automatic response. I email the automatic response address and real person answered my question.

Later I found out Binance has resume withdrawal and I withdraw it to my base wallet. That was last month btw.

I emailed, they did not answer. I twicely chat with them, they told me - your coins will be back in your binance account in 24h. But still nothing