Ceres Roadmap for the next months

As we continue­ moving forward with Ceres, we’re­ pleased to share our roadmap that guides our vision and actions in the coming months.


  • Finalizing and Publishing Release Plan: Complete and disseminate the release plan for Ceres.
  • Testnet Setup: Establish a testnet for Ceres to facilitate testing and development.
  • Middleware and Tools Integration: Ensure compatibility of middleware and all relevant tools with Ceres, including implementing delegate signatures in the Superhero wallet.
  • Deprecation of Swagger: Finalize transition from Swagger to Open API.


  • Acceptance Testing: Conduct thorough testing to validate the functionality and performance of Ceres.
  • Community Feedback and Acceptance: Engage with the community to gather feedback and work towards community acceptance of the new release.


  • Officially launch Ceres following successful testing and community engagement.

historically all hard forks have been first voted on by the token holders using the governance app. afterwards it is the choice of the mining pools to update the software. will there be any vote by token holders this time?

Dear Marcin.
Can you tell us anything about Ceres? What are the results of the tests and will the Ceres be ready for service on time?
I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your reply.

I am eagerly looking forward to the launch of Ceres. Could you kindly provide an update on the progress of the Ceres launch work? Will there be a community vote before the launch? Your response would be greatly

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