Certificate management

I am Siva student of Pre-final year as part of exercise I need to develop a certificate management app how can i do it.To over come trust issues on a 3rd parties for providing and verifying our certificates and to over come fake certificate production.


Welcome Siva,

@emmanueljet can you tag someone who could help him

He graduated from our training program



Hello @siva_hypermine and @Vikram, I at the moment don’t know who to tag on this thread but I can provide assistance to my best knowledge if I understand the æpp well. Regards.

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Hi @emmanueljet , we are looking to move forward in certificate management application using Blockchain technology.will you guide use to do this application.

At first ,what we guys want to do.

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Awesome is this project available through on any open-source platform(GitHub, GitLab, etc)?

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@emmanueljet actually shiva is just starting of and he needs help in building this.

He doesn’t have any project yet

@nikitafuchs.chain can you suggest something?