Challenge to Opportunities Campaign: Social good can be profitable

Hi, all. I’m posting this to hopefully get the community talking…and possibly building together!

Challenge to Opportunities Campaign: Social good can be profitable.
A thread focusing on social/local problems and encourages the community to come up with solutions together.

People from different parts of the world deal with different sets of problems–some of which may be entirely alien and unknown to others. So, you are the best resource in terms of problems in your area.

What I’m proposing is for members of the æternity community to post pressing problems in their town or country, and the rest of the community can weigh in on potential solutions. This forum could serve as a breeding ground for ideas, brainstorming, and collaboration. Who knows, maybe some proof of concept applications could come out of it. You might even find your next team mates here. Either way, a conversation wouldn’t hurt.

As you all know, æternity Ventures and the æternity crypto foundation are here to support meaningful projects. They can either be non-profit or commercial (for profit).

So what are the problems in your area? What are the hindrances to solving them? Let us know below.