CIVE advanced concept on sophia meetup

On 29/2/2020 we had a very interesting advanced discussion on some of the complex topic in Sophia language,we have dive deeper and utilize the sample project from(
The three hours meetup,end with question and answer from the participant like is there an offline editor for Sophia,how to report errors in my program,?The following is pictures and videos for the events.

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in our Group our participant is working on several use case like block chain based local event organizer,loan provision based on block chain,asset registration based on block chain,evidence data base based on block chain and criminal record based on block chain.
Most of the participant have enough or fair knowledge of Sophia language and in this meetup our attendees are between age 21 - 34 of which we have 19 attendant.


Hey @jeremiah99, interesting use cases.

The forum is the best place to post technical inquiries so that all the people can give you feedback


for sure…i have encourage my team to come here so often