Co-Host Event with Limerick Institute Of Tech & UNESECO Life long learning Festival

Hey @erik.chain ,I was delighted to be asked to co-host an event with Limerick Institute of tech , for the UNESECO Life Long Learning Festival , We held 3 events over the week , I worked with the head of social sciences in the lead up and planning , and communicated and picked the plan for LLLF , I had given supports from a lecture and a work placement , who was mentoring for the month. All were involved marketing this national y and International as well Lif Long Learning and UNESECO them selves, There was great turn out , and 44 attendants register on Eventbrite, The work placement will also be doing a report for ye guys , I have asked her to detail all the business and institutions , as there was quite a few
Intro to aeternity and blockchain , hosted by my self , We had around of 16 on the event, for 40 minutes,

Advanced Blockchain Panel Discussion , Hosted by me with special guest Arjan Van Ersal , and David O Sullivan, I hosted so I ke tteh topic around state channels and oracle , we had a great discussion 8- 10 attended

We ran week long dacade event , and had a q and a at eh end of week , but this was not as succesful , theres seemed to be a problem with the link , But some people have emailed the colleges they were happy with the dacade course,
,will share the sum up here when I get it



Also during my talk I gave an indepth explanation of Superhero

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congrats bro!

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Amazing job you have done here @Newocork22, big congrats and bigger thænks!!