Coffee Meetup in Bogotá, now turns Virtual

General Description:

Since our last meeting at the Blockhcain Open Class, we have aroused the interest in the local community and decided to make another meetup, this time a more informal and virtual one, which intend is to make a conversation around ideas and use cases that raised through our Telegram chat.

Due to @erik.chain announcement and local regulations of Bogotá City related to Corona-virus, is recommended to avoid crowded places, keep safe and stay at our homes. In this sense, this “Coffee meetup” will be virtual through Jitsi video-conference service (I will share the link through the forum the same day of the event), and we can still enjoy a nice cup of coffee :wink:

As we are planning 2 hours of virtual meetup, we will open the discussion here in the forum and in the AEternity Bogotá and Español channels in Telegram, to allow postulate assistants who wants to discuss their ideas and use cases during the event. I think we can only discuss 3 or 4 accordingly to the agenda below.

So, if you are interested to participate and share a cool idea or case use that day, don’t hesitate to reply to this post, make a brief description of your idea, and join us at the virtual meetup that day :smile: .


  1. Brief introduction and assistants presentation (10 minutes).
  2. AEternity ideas and use cases presentation from the assistants (10 minutes each intervention).
  3. Discussion, facilitation and questions (15 minutes each use case).
  4. Retrospective and conclusion (10 minutes).


AEternity Bogotá Telegram channel users
AEternity Español Telegram channel users
Bogotá blockchain local community

LOCATION: Virtual via Jitsi videoconference service
DATE: 26th March, 2020
TIME START: 5:30p.m :clock530: Colombia Time
TIME END: 7:30p.m :clock730: Colombia Time



Hey @snaphuman.chain thanks for sharing!! Love to see how you continue working and spreading the word about aeternity even in corona times :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Hello hello everybody!

We are almost ready to start our Coffee Meetup at 5:30p.m, Colombia time.

The initial use cases we will discuss are:

  • betting contract leaded by @arpunk.chain and
  • franchesca contract presented by me.

If someone else wants to share an idea or expose a use case, will have an space in the meeting to do it.

We expect your participation at the end in the retrospective as that ideas and contributions will help us to make better contents and discussion methodologies.

As we never had streamed with youtube, that service would not be available at this time. So the meeting will be recorded, and I’ll upload it right after the meeting ends :wink:.

Please join us to the meeting at this link Jitsi Meet

Greetings :smile:


Hey @snaphuman.chain thanks for sharing the link to the Coffee Meetup

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Hello people!

First of all, I would like to thank to the æternity Bogotá community for their participation in the virtual meetup. I hope you guys enjoyed this meeting and learned some bit about this amazing blockchain platform. We have a great road to walk in this course of learning and taking our ideas to useful applications.

Thanks to @arpunk.chain for your mentorment and your collaboration with the contents of this meetup.

This is the recording of the meeting

And these are the slides

Github repos:


If you have any question or comment, don’t hesitate to reply to this post :smile:



Thank’s @vanessa.chain for your help distributing this meetup in the Telegram en español channel. We had a great time exploring some use cases!. Hope to see you next time :grinning:


Hey @snaphuman.chain, my pleasure.

thanks for sharing the video. I’ll watch it asap :woman_technologist: