COLLABORATION: The æternity Manifesto


So you watched the video dedicated to æternity’s Manifesto? Great!

This is the place were you can send us your ideas.

If you still haven’t seen the clip, here it is:

If you haven’t read the blog post on the topic, here it is as well:

You are more than welcome to share a thought/vision/goal/view/idea that you think the æternity Manifesto must include. Help us create a Mænifesto that is created by the community, for the community!

Looking forward to your ideas!

The AE Team

El Manifiesto de æternity
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Hey all,

We are still waiting for your suggestions and contributions to the æternity’s Manifesto :slight_smile:

Share with us your vision of the project and the values and goals we should all embrace and pursue!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Here is one very interesting document. Can be a guidance or an inspiration


Aeternity: the new central bank system of the world.
AE: the smart currency running on Aeternity blockchain.


In future, all deals will be operated on a blcokchain.
Payment will be operated on blockchain. Most of the small amount payment will be on a layer-2 network. And some payments are private according to users.
Stocks will be trading on blockchain. A decentralised exhcange can support those trades.
Value Store will be on blckchain. Crypto currency will have enough marketcap for many people to store the value against the fiats’ inflation.
Betting will be on blockchain. Blockchain provide transparrency for all deals.


So crypto currency is the blood of world economy. And the blockchain is the “central bank” of crypto currency.