Community, developer growth, and activations 🌍

Last but definitely not least important, let’s talk about community, developer growth, and activations!

Those of you who have been in the community for a long time know that æternity is an incredibly capable and technically advanced blockchain with features that surpass many of the more popular blockchains.

The community has long raised the issue of insufficient marketing and inefficient communication, and we are addressing it head-on! To quickly improve marketing and project growth, the Foundation has already established partnerships with prominent Web3 entities, which are already working on bringing the ecosystem much more into the spotlight.

You can read about it in more detail here:…

In regards to events, developer workshops, and hackathons, the @CryptoCastleUni HackChallenges represent just a fraction of the Foundation’s initiative to engage the community directly, blending competition with innovation in the realms of DeFi, DAOs, and AI on the æternity blockchain.

With many more events planned and attending major Web3 events worldwide, the Foundation aims to revive the amazing æternity movement that was the ecosystem’s original strong point in the early years.

Blockchain ecosystems as advanced, open, and dedicated to true decentralization are rare in today’s Web3 space, and we plan to bring that strength back to the forefront of æternity’s attractiveness.

At its core, the Aeternity Foundation’s mission extends beyond technology; it’s about cultivating a community where dialogue, collaboration, and innovation thrive. This is an opportunity to be part of shaping the future of blockchain and Web3 culture in general.

In this sense, we wholeheartedly invite you to actively take part in the conversation and take action.

Start by visiting the æternity Forum, make your profile if you haven’t already, and join the conversation:

After that, start following æternity channels, be vocal about the important things to you, and stay tuned for announcements of new ways to have your voice heard in the ecosystem!

Beyond that, expect community growth and activation campaigns to continue in collaboration with platforms such as Zealy and QuestN, where your participation will be rewarded

We invite everyone interested in building and using innovative, highly scalable dApps with advanced blockchain capabilities and smart contract functionality to join the æcommunity, be free to express themselves, and support us in bringing æternity back to the top, where it belongs!