[Completed] WeTrue development and Aechina.io improvements proposal

Thank the Æternity Crypto Foundation for supporting in the last year, so Aechina.io keep running in a stable way.

Here is my proposal about two projects: WeTrue.io and Aechina.io.

Application Status

Status: Completed on 19.04.2021
Approved on 27.07.2020
Last updated: 22.06.2020 , submitted ob the 22.05.2020

Team: WeTrue

Approved Budget (in h):

Used Budget (in h):

Planned Delivery: ~25 weeks

Specify the funding category

Open Source Development

Application Title




Liushao major in computer science, interested in blockchain, bulit a website named Aechina.io to spread news and technology of Aeternity in Chinese.Aeternity community. Aechina provides first-hand Aeternity information for users, also provides a good exhibition platform for excellent Aepps.

GuanTou from the Chinese community, a big fan of Aeternity and an early investor of Aeternity. GuanTou is a host of super topics of Aeternity in Sina Weibo.

Redcan (named Crazy Kai in Chinese Aeternity community) major in Ecology. Redcan good at english translation to chinese.

Value Application

A decentralized social platform named WeTrue based on aeternity blockchain will be built, we will publicize WeTrue in wechat groups, forum, Aechina.io and other ways to attract users. Users and developers will know aeternity blockchain with through using and knowing WeTrue.

Aepp will be listed on aechina.io (aepp.aechina.io ) through this project, aepp will be publicized in a good way. Users / developers will be attracted to use aeternity blockchain / develop aepp.

Aechina.io will run in a stable status through this project. AEChina.io provides first-hand Aeternity information for users, also provides a good exhibition platform for excellent Aepps . It will make chinese aeternity members know aeternity better.

Definition of Terms

WeTrue is a decentralized broadcast social Aepp which based on blockchain technology, through sharing, dissemination and acquisition relationship information of users, and sharing short real-time message through attention mechanism. User account generation, login, posting, comment, reward and other behaviors are totally different from the centralized mode.

Aechina.io is a website built for collecting Aeternity news, Aepps, development tutorials, related original works and other information.

Status Quo

Beta version of WeTrue onlined on 26th April 2020.

Aechina.io onlined in April 2019, it is running stably.

Required Work

For WeTrue:

Beta version online test; code review; code Optimization; Publicizing WeTrue.

For Aechina.io:

Operation and maintenance; listing aepp on Aechina.io.


General - 6 months

S/N Item Time
1 Beta version online On April 26th
2 Beta version online test Before 31th July
3 Code review Before 31th July
4 Official version online Before 31th October
5 Publicizing WeTrue Longterm
6 Aechina.io maintaining and operation Longterm

Known Limitations

WeTrue: It runs stably and will run better. The speed of WeTrue may be limited by aeternity blockchain in the future.

Aechina.io: It runs stably and will run better.


WeTrue: A decentralized broadcast social Aepp, in one year about 2000 users will publish ideas on WeTrue.

Aechina: A website built for collecting Aeternity news, Aepps, development tutorials, related original works and other information.


WeTrue will be published to github:

And we are glad to migrate the repository to Æternity’s github.


The code will be maintained with bug fixing and new updates free of charge for at least one year after publishing it.


Good job, go ahead bro, always support you.

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Keep moving forward!

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U are so great!come on

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aeternity need you and wetrue

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great job ! all the Chinese community members are proud of you!

@vacuumtraveler.chain @emin.chain Don’t you think you need to do some marketing for Superhero? I think Superhero is a good product, and it is necessary to spend some money on promotion and marketing.

A very good project, you a lot of support.

Happy to hear you have a nice app WeTrue! Could you please submit your Grant Application according to the new requirement and template in order to submit it to the ACF Board.

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Well done, please keep updating and one day it will be widely accepted.

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Wetrue will be a nice aepp,keep moving

2020-05-06 --> 0.5.5

-New uplink timeout cancellation
-New intelligent long graph judgment logic
-Adjust the definition of published pictures
-Rewrite the logic of releasing pictures to solve the problem of small probability picture loss
-Rewrite some logic of wet-sdk-js to improve efficiency


加油,Wetrue !!!

Hi LiuShao
Thank you once again for applying.
Could you please follow @lydia’s advice to post your project according to the instruction, thus we can proceed further.

Thank you.

Material of WeTrue have been changed.

Ok, thank you I will change it.

测试 superhero

The update was delayed due to meeting requirements. The following is the updated report of recent 10 days:

-Add user center [comment]
-Add comment [to: hash]
-Add [level 7], activity 10000
-Add level color
-Add user page [activity]
-Complete code review and fix a small number of remaining problems
(code review is not visible update, and all potential safety hazards have been sorted out and changed)
-Adjust the Ajax load of multiple pages
-Adjust [view] position - more in line with usage habits
-Adjust list to improve reuse
-Adjust the pull-up logic of the wet-sdk
-Fix invalid hash for comments under latest comments
-Fix a comment bug left by 0.5.3
-Repair comment successfully return no comment data loaded
-Repair the black background of the transparent picture of the head image and the main post
-Fix the problem that chrome doesn’t display when uploading pictures on the mobile phone


2020-05-06 --> 2020-05-16 版本:0.5.5 --> 0.5.9




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Could you please update your application using the mandatory Grant Application Template ? Thanks!

I have made 4 amendments, maybe my application is in the handover period? I do n’t know under what circumstances the project ’s expectations are met.

In view of checking the aeknow application, the current content of my application includes aechina.io, node.aechina.io, aepp.aechina.io server, and wetrue.io server fees.

I am very busy recently, affecting the data. I am preparing materials for the second session. For some related reasons, I may need to upload the code on Monday, China time.

Recent conferences and other content have caused me a lot of trouble. Several main developers in China had to stop developing.

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