[Completed] WeTrue development and Aechina.io improvements proposal

Happy to hear you have a nice app WeTrue! Could you please submit your Grant Application according to the new requirement and template in order to submit it to the ACF Board.

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Well done, please keep updating and one day it will be widely accepted.

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Wetrue will be a nice aepp,keep moving

2020-05-06 --> 0.5.5

-New uplink timeout cancellation
-New intelligent long graph judgment logic
-Adjust the definition of published pictures
-Rewrite the logic of releasing pictures to solve the problem of small probability picture loss
-Rewrite some logic of wet-sdk-js to improve efficiency


加油,Wetrue !!!

Hi LiuShao
Thank you once again for applying.
Could you please follow @lydia’s advice to post your project according to the instruction, thus we can proceed further.

Thank you.

Material of WeTrue have been changed.

Ok, thank you I will change it.

测试 superhero

The update was delayed due to meeting requirements. The following is the updated report of recent 10 days:

-Add user center [comment]
-Add comment [to: hash]
-Add [level 7], activity 10000
-Add level color
-Add user page [activity]
-Complete code review and fix a small number of remaining problems
(code review is not visible update, and all potential safety hazards have been sorted out and changed)
-Adjust the Ajax load of multiple pages
-Adjust [view] position - more in line with usage habits
-Adjust list to improve reuse
-Adjust the pull-up logic of the wet-sdk
-Fix invalid hash for comments under latest comments
-Fix a comment bug left by 0.5.3
-Repair comment successfully return no comment data loaded
-Repair the black background of the transparent picture of the head image and the main post
-Fix the problem that chrome doesn’t display when uploading pictures on the mobile phone


2020-05-06 --> 2020-05-16 版本:0.5.5 --> 0.5.9




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Could you please update your application using the mandatory Grant Application Template ? Thanks!

I have made 4 amendments, maybe my application is in the handover period? I do n’t know under what circumstances the project ’s expectations are met.

In view of checking the aeknow application, the current content of my application includes aechina.io, node.aechina.io, aepp.aechina.io server, and wetrue.io server fees.

I am very busy recently, affecting the data. I am preparing materials for the second session. For some related reasons, I may need to upload the code on Monday, China time.

Recent conferences and other content have caused me a lot of trouble. Several main developers in China had to stop developing.

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What do you mean with this?

@LiuShao maybe you should also try apply at æternity ventures for funding @NikolatheBoss.chain @lukaskywalker.chain

The recent Chinese firewall seems to be a bit unfriendly to github. It is difficult for us to open github, the download speed can only reach a maximum of 20Kb/s, and the upload is always forced to be interrupted.

I will try to open wetrue to other public platforms.

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Google Translate seems to give me wrong information.

2020-05-17 to 05-30
Version number: 0.6.1

-Add【My Follow】
-Added [Following List] and [Followed List]
-Fixed [Latest picture] Deformation problem
-Fixed a statistical error
-Picture cache changed from 1 day to 7 days
-Added help 1 [How to get AE]
-Modify an AE account to improve superhero compatibility
-Modify [Recommended Hotspots] 15 days --> 10 days
-Fixed some likes cache not updated
-Fixed some comment cache is not updated
-Add multiple automatic caches to improve access efficiency
-Added picture cache header, time 1 day
-Optimize data acquisition efficiency in specific scenarios
-Fixed the horizontal issue of uploading avatar in IOS and some devices
-Fixed the horizontal issue of posting pictures in IOS and some devices



Optimize the speed of head image modification
Optimize nickname modification speed
Optimize and modify the activity bug of the Avatar
Optimize and modify nickname activity bug
No personalized service charge from now to July 31
From now on to July 31, the cost of [posting] will be reduced by 10%
From now on to July 31, the cost of [comment] will be reduced by 10%
Why and now to charge


修改更新 Why And Tow To Charge

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Thanks for the updating and keep going on!

Dear LiuShao,

Your Application for the open source software has been approved by the ACF Board. Thank you very much!