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unfortunately didn’t find the time to write an article. hopefully this won’t be the last contest :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking the time to writ this piece, @pantsme. Here are a few comments on my end:

  • I think it is better to say that blockchain “re-imagines” trust than “creating trust where there is none”. Curerntly, trust is established by “court-enforceable” contracts and the inclusion of “third-parties” in the process, trusted parties.

  • “A thing called smart contracts” does not sound nice. Maybe "the concept of “smart contracts” was introduced.

  • “the transit of an item such as a piece of fruit along its journey to your kitchen” this refers to “supply chain management”. Using the correct terms is useful.

  • “many projects out there creating blockchain technology” I would rephrase for more impact. Something like “there are a number of projects out there that are involved in research and development that aims to improve the usability and efficiency of blockchain infrastructure.”

  • I like the “imagination” point :slight_smile:



Thank you for your post, @cryptofridge! Here is some feedback:

  • In relation to the reasons why blockchain has not yet received mainstream adoption, I think it would have been better to focus on one or two main ones, and then provide an opinion how can they be addressed.

  • Your ideas on how blockchain can enter the mainstream are ok, but they should have been developed further. For example, “blockchain implementation in use cases that have likelihood for mass adoption” is just a statement - what could these use-cases be in your opinion? Why are 1 and 2 needed, etc.

  • Your coverage of the aeternity platform sounds a bit like “any other platform”. :slight_smile:

  • It is great that you know about the list of areas in which aeternity is active in, but it would have been better to explain why do they matter. For example, why is on-boarding aembassadors a good thing for mass adoption?

  • I am not sure why some of the words are capitalized. For example: “By Creating Aepps with real world use cases”

All the best,


Hey @xiahui135, thanks for participating in this contest. Here is some feedback:

  • I like that you have used tables and graphics to express your ideas

  • I like that you have focused on a single aspect - “currency”

  • It would have been great to have developed this idea: “We need new features to solve real-world problems.” What currency use-cases are still needed in your opinion?



Hellp Josh, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Here is some feedback:

  • I am not sure what hidden back-end functionality you refer to? :slight_smile: I am interested.

  • I like that part about new generations :slight_smile: I agree.



Thanks for the feedback. All good and taken to heart. Will make some improvements to it tonight not to win but to improve it since I won’t just be taking it down after the contest. Want it to portray the info the best way possible. Thanks again!


Hey @romeda! Thank you for participating in this contest! Here is some feedback:

  • I like your table. However, it is best for a table to complement what you are trying to say, not be the only source of the information you are trying to communicate. It is very detailed though and I think all the info you have included is relevant.

  • “The high industry entrance”, this is usually divided into different “personas”. For example, there is a entrance level for users (easy to use aepps), devs (documentation, tutorials, communication channels for questions) and entrepreneurs (how can blockchain help my project?). You can add more personas of course.



Thanks for the feedback. The backend I was referring to could be if someone does a cash bank transfer, maybe the bank uses crypto for that without the customer knowing, like Ripple. But, after reading your piece about personal data, I think I should have had something about that instead


Hello @abedwo! Thank you for sending us your ideas! The feedback :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  • “it will simply make our lives easier” I think it is more about freedom, transparency, security, privacy, opportunities. But yes, if you refer to digital recordkeeping - maybe administration will become more efficient if blockchain is incorporated.

  • I like your article. Making blockchain “human” is fundamentally important.



It is payment. This is the super use-case for a currency. All other crypto currency have some problems. We need a currency like this:

  1. fast: payment is fast and smooth
  2. secure: decentralised, I need to make sure my money is 100% secure.
  3. fairly and widely distributed, and have a large community: I don’t need to worry about it be worthless someday. The currency I hold need to be a value store asset.
  4. private: keep private when I need.
  5. convenient: easy to use and there are many users and applications there to make a deal with.
  6. scalable: we don’t want to be stack when the network is busy.
    7.smart: I want to spend the money in many ways, bet, ICO, investment, payment.

Aeternity is excelent in 1,6,7
Aeternity need do better in 2,3,5,4


Hey Martin! Thank you for participating in this contest. Here is my feedback:

  • Images, photos, tables, even memes are great additions to articles (when they make sense)! Attention span is getting lower by the day, so yes, post should be “colorful”. I like that you have added photos!

  • I don’t get the point around " amazonia.com"

  • “We are one big family here. :woman::woman::girl::boy: From crown prince, finance minister, lawmakers to tech entrepreneurs and blockchain fans.” Haha, the Prince and the finance minister are supportive of blockchain tech, but I cannot say they are part of the family :smiley:

  • I generally love your enthusiasm! “We are Aeternity. Expect us! We love you!” :smiley:

  • I love how you have used a example of a possible use-case -> the fingerprint-powered car.

  • Tokenization - I am also excited about this, but is very related to regulations. Liechtenstein is very innovative in this respect, but the same cannot be said for other jurisdictions in the EU. I think court-enforceable smart contracts would also be a great “enabler”. Also, at some point -> courts (at least for the majority of small-size disputes) could be decentralized (oracles!).



Thank you @ae-vlad for your response and the issues you pointed out. I will look into it, make some corrections, edit where necessary and provide something better and worthwhile.:smile:


Hello, Vlad
Thanks a lot for feedback. I agree that my table maybe does not exactly convey what I wanted to say, but it was too hard to write only 500 words )


Thanks for going through all the articles, @ae-vlad!

I would tend to agree with your point raised on mine, blockchains aren’t about making our lives easier. The thing is though, they do need to make our lives easier somehow, because while we are aware of all the great advantages that come with public, open-source, permissionless blockchains, other people aren’t (or even if they are, they don’t feel strongly about it).
While part of our responsibility is raising awareness to these issues, as I think freedom, transparency, security on the internet should concern everyone, mass adoption will happen if these applications provide additional value somehow. It’s simply easier to convince my grandma to use ‘this thing’ if it helps her to do something easier rather than trying to convince her that she should go out of her way to use ‘this thing’ because it prevents an issue that (seemingly) doesn’t affect her directly.


I wonder who won :sunglasses:


Oh thank you for answering be, but I’ve been a kind of a slowpoke lately :sweat_smile:


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