Contract call in State channel question

Hi friends, I have a question regarding state changes via calling contract functions in a State Channel. Suppose I have a function f in a state channel which changes state:

public stateful function f() =
   put(state{var1 = 1 })
   put(state{var2 = 2 })

Also, get_var1() should retrieve the var1 current value:

public function get_var1() : int =

If I do the following stateful call in a state channel:

const callData = await player.contractEncodeCallDataAPI(ctr_bytecode, "f",[]);

    const result = await channel.callContract({
        amount: 0,
        contract: contract_address,
        abiVersion: 1
    }, async (tx) => await signer_func(tag, tx)

Should I be able to immediately get the current state after the call via get_var1() ?