Contract tx How to get?

Hello, everyone
When I call a contract, what if I can get the tx hash that’s being called from inside the contract? Because I put this value in the contract

Do you know ?

You would like to have the TX-hash of the ContactCallTx inside the contract? No, the TX-hash is not available in the contract.

I’m slightly curious what would be the use case?

Yes, I’m trying to get the current ContactCallTx from the contract, but I can’t
My use case requirement is to keep transaction records in the contract for later queries by the user, because there are too many records on the chain, so I want to keep some important ones in the contract

So the problem is there is too much information, and the solution is to store another copy of the same thing…

But, no, the TX-hash is not available inside a contract.

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Ok ~, I will use other solutions, thank you