Corona Wallet and - tools to fight Coronavirus built on aeternity

Hello aeternity people,

I would like to present to you a project we’ve been working on with a few friends of mine:

Corona Wallet is a browser extension (available on Firefox for now) that allows you to send money over the web to any URL in existence:

Our purpose was to make it possible for everyone to support people fighting the Coronavirus on the ground. We also wanted to enable first-hand testimonials and uncensored news sharing to oppose misinformation about the epidemic.

And this is why the tipped websites are aggregated here:

Ranking is based on the amount of tokens sent so the news pieces ahead will be the ones most trusted and tipped.

We would really appreciate it if some of you decided to test it out and provide feedback.

Send some æid using AE tokens to your trusted news outlets or bloggers or charities!

Million thanks in advance!


Checking it out! :tada:

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Thank you very much :heart_eyes:

Here’s a guide on how to use the Corona Wallet:

Let me know if you experience any issues :wink:

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Thank you so much for sharing this @LaBoheme and for building on top of æternity!

This sounds super interesting, I’ll try it right away :wink:


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Thank you so much @albena.chain

Please if you encounter any bugs, use the form below to report them. It would be of great help for us :slight_smile:

I have checked. Great job!


@albena.chain @LaBoheme @theScientress.chain @sinonimboga.chain
I used corona wallet and found some improvements:

  1. Corona wallet does not have the function of opening the wallet with password, making it difficult for users to guarantee the security of funds.
  2. The menu bar in the upper right corner does not have the option to reset the wallet, so it is troublesome to recreate the wallet.
    3.AE node connection is not stable and the connection is often dropped.
  3. I sent some AE tokens to the url , but did not receive any AE for the AE address contained in the url. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I suggest that the developer of a corona wallet record a video about the use of the wallet, because most people don’t know how to use corona, and your text tutorial is not intuitive enough.
    Also, is Corona an open source project?
    I have two Corona wallet adress:
    send address:ak_sbEcRXSBEsfw7gbzSXpRGYdqP86TZJwbMYhSM1tRHo8AfJ6gy
    receive address:ak_NhHkaQZUu5Zs42izphwVBQyCwJnqfLXBZeHAMdBEGfERMoqer

我用了Corona wallet,发现了一些改进:
1.Corona wallet没有密码打开钱包的功能,使得用户难以保证资金的安全。
4.我通过Corona wallet发送到一些AE代币,但是AE地址中包含的url没有收到任何AE。我做错什么了吗?
5.我建议开发Corona wallet的人录一段关于使用Corona wallet的视频,因为大多数人都不知道怎么用,而且你们的文字教程也不够直观。
我有两个Corona wallet地址:


Already installed & tested…LOVE IT! It reminds me of the Steemit platform but way more versatile and globalized. Only two upgrades to be made: 1) Include other Browsers 2)The brandicon is too dark!

Congrats to the development team.


Hey @Albert thank you so much for testing it out, we appreciate your feedabck really much.

  • You should have received the claim, as your balance is updated on aeknow (

  • The password was intentionally removed as this is not intended to be a cold storage wallet where you keep much value, rather a tipwallet which you can top-up and use. (The password would over-complicate it a bit from UX perspective).

  • Reset wallet was intentionally removed as well so people don’t accidentally remove the wallet they have generated - resulting in loss of funds.

  • We’ll try to record a video for sure, thank you for that suggestion.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Thank you so much for testing it @jcdelpino

  • We are working on adding other browsers, you can manually add the extension to Chrome as well now.
  • We’ll think about brand improvements.

We highly appreciate your feedback!

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@LaBoheme What you say makes sense. I have a question. If the sponsored web page has multiple AE addresses, how will the smart contract handle the transfer?

just wanted to test the Corona Wallet and therefore downloaded firefox and the extension. here my comments and questions:

  • I generated my wallet and now I should be able to use it so send and receive æid and get a hint that I should backup my phrase :+1:

    • for me it is a bit confusing whether æid is the same as AE
    • if æid == AE this should be described more clearly (otherwise one could think it is some kind of “useless shit” :sweat_smile:
  • I don’t really understand the mechanism how the æid (or AE ?) can be claimed (I would love to see some deeper technical explanation here)

    • how is the address of the homepage / blog / whatever else being extracted?
    • what happens if the homepage / blog / whatever includes multiple addresses?
    • what happens if the homepage / blog / whatever doesn’t have any address included?
      • how can the æid (or AE ?) then be claimed?
      • is it even possible to send æid (or AE ?) to these sources of information?
    • where is the information being stored? in a smart contract?
    • you stated that the Corona Wallet can automatically pick up the æid (or AE ?) if I visit the homepage / blog / whatever. is this happening through a popup where I need to perform a transaction calling the smart contract?
  • from my point of view the current target audience seem to be individuals, is this correct?

    • companies / professional news sites probably wouldn’t hire a guy to collect those claims and give them control over the æid (or AE ?) by giving them the seed phrase
    • for bloggers and news-portals I would suggest another solution than using the address of the Corona Wallet and place it in all of my corona related publications
      • maybe this can be solved by using some kind of widget / invisible iFrame to which the Corona Wallet can communicate and send the tips to?
      • this would allow the publisher to integrate it in the whole website and provide a custom address that musn’t be created within the Corona Wallet

all in all a very cool idea!

please give me more technical insights about how the tipping / claiming mechanism looks like :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I am reporting a little bug. The above button does nothing. Basically I can’t notify anyone from that screen. Great job though. The extension generally works well. I am using it in Brave.

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very nice Idea.
The password functionality should be implemented but it general its a cool idea

Hey @LaBoheme seems very interesting, I’ll have a look. Thanks for building on top of Aeternity!

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By the way

Why does the plugin ask for so many permisions? :sweat_smile:
Is It really necessary?

I just sent a donation to

They do a great job tracking flu since long ago

I ll contact them through Twitter to ley them know.
Feel free to support them!