Could not fetch contract's data store on chain

There is 40k~50K airdrop AEG token data in

But I couldn’t fetch the data in local or remote nodes(Version 5.4.1 in Ubuntu 18.04), just no responding from the nodes.

Fetching small size store data on chain seems fine.

I could fetch the data in the early version, maybe 4.0?

Any suggestions?

Liu Yang

The API hasn’t changed from 4.0 just the size of the state I guess :slight_smile:

That API isn’t designed to handle large contract states - it isn’t very efficient. Last time I checked there are contracts where the state takes 10+ minutes to fetch, and it is rather heavy on the node.

In fact it is so computationally heavy it is removed in upcoming versions.



I tried calling contract, it takes minutes too.

Is there any other quick way to get the contract’s store data? So we could verify the token balance from data store directly?