Creation of Regional Token

Hello…I am new here = a rock with glasses😊
I have had an idea for the longest, that is to create a Regional Token, that could be used let’s say…in Latin America or Americas, or Mercosur…Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and other associated countries. I am totally or very near…ignorant on how to do this, just have the ideal concept. Please guide me! Thanks.

2 Likes You can try to use it to issue tokens


Thanks a lot…all inputs are welcomed :blush::ok_hand:

Welcome @Jabalem1963! Interesting idea, could you tell us more about for what this regional token could be used and who would be your targeted users? Maybe this helps to break down your idea to a concrete use case to bring it to life :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding. The use will be for everything that would need a money exchange. Looking at doing a cashless society, similar to Sweeden is going to do. In that area of the world we have lots of issues with inflation and dependence on the USD for all mayor transactions. Would love to have the token used intercontinental… meaning all the Americas be able to have a common coin, token…but I guess that will be too much…but nice if it happens!

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Ok. Will have to change it. Thank you for your input😊

Thanks for your reminding, I will optimize it


That’s a cool idea! I guess it would make sense to use a stablecoin for this purpose, but the question is to which comparative monetary value it should be pegged?

Wow, awesome!

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