Cryptic Legends Pre-Sale is on now!

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that Cryptic Legends - Aeternity based collectible card hero management game (wew, that was long!) - started pre-sale of card packs yesterday, on August 2nd!

In Cryptic Legends, you assemble and manage a team of legendary heroes, sending them into automated tactical battles against other players, while uncovering the rich history and mythology inspired by real-world cultures.

Here are the prices of packs and what they include:

  • Standard Hero Pack (€3.99): 3 hero cards of random rarity

  • Class Pack (€4.99): 3 hero cards of the same class — Warrior , Priest , Hunter or Mage , of random rarity.

  • Tribe Pack (€4.99): 3 hero cards of the same tribe — Kuryak , Ulaid or Tyrling , of random rarity.

  • XL Hero Pack (€5.99): 5 hero cards: 1 guaranteed uncommon, 1 guaranteed rare

Support us today - visit our webpage for buying packages or visit our Medium page for more information.

CL Team


Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that now it’s possible to buy card packs with cryptocurrency as well as with fiat.
First of all with Aeternity, but also with BTC, BCH, ETH, and many others.

There is literally no reason not to join the pre-sale!

CL Team