“Cryptocurrencies, Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth in Venezuela”, How to boost your ventures through the use of blockchain technology

All the Spanish Speaking Aeternity Community is invited!

Contest URLs:

Jose Angel Alvarez, Co-Founder of Venezuela’s biggest crypto enthusiasts association.

Anibal Garrido, Entrepreneur, Author & local Crypto Expert.

Ivan Muñoz, Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Account Manager at Greicodex Software.

Luis Rodriguez, Entrepreneur and Developer (Cash Flag)


Excelente no vemos el 10 de Agosto. Saludos

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Excited to see this episode for the local community in Venezuela! Hope we get to see the fruits of all your hard work soon :muscle: :muscle: @jcdelpino @adrian.sanchez @marcojgomezm.chain @ivanubikalo.chain @bguevara @Luis.chain


You can find the complete schedule for the SuperheroLeague Venezuela event here! :raised_hands: :earth_americas:



SuperheroLeague Venezuela (event held in Spanish) started now!

Also find the Youtube Livestream here: https://youtu.be/OHcU-RHWJgc


Gracias a todos por su participacion tan valiosa, espero que disfruten sus propinas superhero!


A week ago we celebrated the first Local SHL event in Venezuela and despite some connexion trouble we were able to gather a group of 22 people and discuss how Blockchain and specifically aeternity have enabled Entrepreneurs to boost their ideas.

Our guests gave their point of view on this issue and agreed that the support programs carried out by aeternity are vital for the consolidation of any idea or project.

During the session we were able to do some live demos to exemplify the use of SHW in combination with Superhero.com as a means to monetize content on multiple social platforms. Nearly 50 percent of the assistants used their wallets to receive or send tips amongst them and to URLs.

I must give a special THANKS to Erik who was there to help us set up everything so it would run smoothly.
Looking forward to the next event!


Here is the Link to the edited version of the first SHL event celebrated in Venezuela.


I missed this broadcast, i would have liked to see it. I have seen how several entrepreneurship and various custom cryptocurrencies such as arepacoin have emerged in venezuela, i think it is magnificent that they are promoting the use of cryptocurrencies, it is good that people know about them. No Matters which cryptocurrencies is used, the important thing is that you understand the characteristics so that can take advantage all the benefits. I have already heard various cryptocurrencies that have been developed in Venezuela, i have never used them. I have been using custom cryptocurrencies like MintMe.

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