Current AE Circulating Supply, Max Supply, Consensus Mechanism(s), and Hashing Algorithm


Hello everyone,

I would like to clarify a few things that have been on my mind for a while (and I also need them for a special project :wink: ). I think the whole community will appreciate the answers.

First of all, I would like to know how the community can find out where they can get information about current circulating supply for AE. Currently this must include all non-migrated ERC20 tokens + migrated AE + newly minted AE. If someone can provide me with a number for, let’s say today (up to block height X) that will work as well.

Second, when it comes to max supply of AE - I know there was an inflation chart, but can someone tell me how many AE tokens will ever exist in total according to that - for example, when 99% of all AE will be mined and what will be the total supply of AE then.

Third, I know we are announcing aeternity’s consensus mechanism as PoW/PoS, but this is not really the case. The current consensus mechanism is actually BitcoinNG and for Sybil attack protection - purely PoW is used. A special variation of PoS (actually without any staking) will be used for governance, but that is not REALLY PoS and it must not be considered as “consensus mechnism”. Can we all get a clarification on that please? :slight_smile:

Fourth, hashing algorithm - I guess this is easy, but I am still not sure which one does aeternity use. I think this is generally confusing as a request, because there are number of hashing algo that ae uses. Can someone more knowledgeable maybe try to clarify. I think this is related to mining.

I could have asked these questions internally, but i would like for the entire community to learn the answers.

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The total coins (totoal mined+All tokens before migration,that is non-migrated ERC20 tokens migrated AE)can be found here in realtime:

and some other realtime data can be found here:

there is a note for keystore file hashing algorithm


There are currently no plans, at least not from my side, to have formal, on-chain governance, i.e. binding/self-enforcing decision processes. There is a proposal to have on-chain signalling (polling) but using »Proof of Stake« in that context is just confusing if not plain wrong.

Hashing algorithm used for what? In Cuckoo cycle we use siphash. Outside we use blake2b.


Thank you for the clarifications, Sascha! I think it makes sense to present aeternity’s consensus mechanism as Bitcoin-NG, while for Sybil protection a PoW is used (not PoW/PoS).


Any info on the Max Supply metric? It should be possible to calculate this.