Current Mining Stats


The difficulty and the peers number grows very fast, and I’ll keep tracking.


So how do we access this explorer/mining stats?


It’s my personal website:


Two notes:

  • the difficulty number is (in order to keep it an integer - to avoid floating point mess) scaled up by a factor of 0x1000000, so dividing by that number will give you a smaller number that is perhaps easier to relate to.
  • the number of peers is not all active peers, the nodes are slow in removing other nodes that have disconnected from the network - i.e. the number of active peers is likely a bit lower.


Thanks very much~ I’ll fix them.


that is perfect. It seems you are building an explorer for AE.
Keep going, your site may become AE’s etherscan~


Thank you~I’ll do my best!


great work :+1:


Thank you!

I added some features today.


The microblock list is backwards?! (For example look at the timestamps…)


Great job! Thank you very much . Now I can even find the tx in your website.


Yes, great job! Just pointing out further improvements :slight_smile:

Some microblocks are reported to be empty, but they are not…
For example actually contains one (Contract call) transaction.


thanks for correcting, that’s maybe that the spider did not crawled it. I’ll check and fix it!


warmly welcome~there is still some issues need to be fixed:grin:


The microblock shows by time order now~


Nice Job, AEKnow.

This is my personal website of aeternity explorer and stats tool, Currently supporting the English and Chinese Language.

Wish it can be your another option.