Current Mining Stats


The difficulty and the peers number grows very fast, and I’ll keep tracking.


So how do we access this explorer/mining stats?


It’s my personal website:


Two notes:

  • the difficulty number is (in order to keep it an integer - to avoid floating point mess) scaled up by a factor of 0x1000000, so dividing by that number will give you a smaller number that is perhaps easier to relate to.
  • the number of peers is not all active peers, the nodes are slow in removing other nodes that have disconnected from the network - i.e. the number of active peers is likely a bit lower.


Thanks very much~ I’ll fix them.


that is perfect. It seems you are building an explorer for AE.
Keep going, your site may become AE’s etherscan~


Thank you~I’ll do my best!


great work :+1:


Thank you!

I added some features today.