Dead currency do not mine!

A piece of advice do not mine this currency it is dead. binnacle has removed the currency entirely, okex doesn’t accept it because its its too insecure, huobi says the currency is disabled until AE upgrades a node and has been that way for months, no longer supports transfers of AE into but you can exchange it if its already in that wallet, changelly and bcbitcoin have disabled the use of the currency. Jellyswap does technically work if you are willing to exchange more than 1500 AE and at most 83 AE at the same time which is a contradiction. DO NOT MINE THIS CRYPTO YOU CANNOT SELL IT OR EXCHANGE IT WITH ANY OTHER CURRENCY; which makes it well absolutely useless. It has been this way as i understand it since January with no attempt by the devs to resolve the issue.

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Officials don’t care.

Instead of trolling your could review properly if the exchanges really work or not, in case of it works properly to deposit, exchange and withdray. You only have to wait for 1500 tx and ask for manual confirmation.

I am not trolling and i am not being an asshole though i do find the implication rather offensive.
i summitted a transaction to over a week ago it made it up to 72 tx where it stopped. Upon contact of support told me that transfer into the system are currently not allowed due a security issue with AE currency. Maybe i just don’t know how to transfer AE currency properly or perhaps support is wrong i don’t know.

Either way as someone who directly mines currency i would of loved to of known that the currency wasn’t exchangeable before mining it and others with a similar view deserve the same information without wasting the hours of time i have trying to sort it all out. If AE ever becomes exchangeable i will happily remove my post or edit it or whatever but i think it contains valuable information i wish i would of had access to before i started mining the currency and if the devs care they will get on fixing it and if they dont it will stay the same as it has been for the past months and eventually die as a currency.

I keep a large part of the currency i mine but for financial reasons i need to be able to sell some of what i mine to get by as do the vast majority of serious miners.

Hi @Faust first of all nobody is being offensive or disrespective but it’s a fact that the title for your post isn’t right or funded.

If you look at all our channels you’ll see this same response over and over again. Gate.IO is working normally with AE (started a deposit to try right now just in case) but they have some issue to automatically make deposits. You need to send through their ticketing system the request for a manual deposit ONCE you have completed 1500 tx confirmations. Their tx count will get stuck anywhere so check for your TX here: and send them the TX to them.

You are free to do whatever you want with your mined coins, it’s your right and we are doing the best to be available on as many exchanges as possible.

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I suggest to submit a support ticket at instead of contacting the live chat, it’s much more efficient and usually resolved within max. 24 hours.

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Perhaps the definition of what i perceive as a dead currency is different than yours if theirs some way to edit it and you have a different title suggestion i am all ears.

i will check the TX log and try messaging again if it has reached 1500 or whenever it does i only need some funds once a month as long as its possible to eventually exchange some of the funds on an exchange its still worth mining especially with my current setup.

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Feel free to ask help for getting tx information and the message for the support . Last recommendation, don’t do it through live chat but ticketing system.

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I would say that the right title is that you have issues with to withdraw because we could argue on the definition of a dead coin or inexistent coin but in fact you can withdraw or exchange your ae tokens.